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Can stress affect your eyesight?

The effect of stress on our eyes: visual fatigue which can diminish eyesight

Although we all know that stress can be bad for our health, many people are not aware that it can have a direct impact on our eyes and our eyesight.

Publication Optical Center, written by  10.15.2019 - 14h36

The body’s reactions to stress

Our pupils, which are usually contracted when we are calm or tired, dilate when we are stressed. Constantly dilated pupils, due to chronic stress, can make our eyes sensitives to light, causing visual fatigue and even blurred vision.

Ophthalmological symptoms

The effects of stress on our eyes may vary between different people and according to the level of anxiety. The initial physiological changes to our bodies during stress include a narrower field of vision, pupil dilatation and fixed-sightedness. In most cases, our eyes are affected only temporarily and there is no impact on visual health. Complications can arise in certain cases however, particularly due to chronic stress.

The most severe cases

The most severe cases can affect the macula, which is the main part of the retina, triggering a condition known as central serous choroidopathy. This condition can cause darkening of the central field of vision, a loss of visual clarity and deform the perception of images. In many cases, reducing the level of stress alleviates symptoms without any further treatment. In other cases however, patients require a specific treatment prescribed by an ophthalmologist. If you are in doubt, consult an eyesight professional promptly.

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