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The optical-center vision

Optical Center vision

Optical Center is a network of opticians who are passionnate about their profession. With a strong and unusual philosophy, Laurent Lévy, its founder, considers his mission as a double one. First, help everyone have a good view but also help them have a good look.

What is the distinction here? If the view is the sense that enables to observe and analyse environment by the reception and interpretation of light rays that the view organ (eye) captures, the look defines more as the eyes' movement towards an object and, by extension, the look is the way to apprehend a situation. The good look is then the positive eye we put on any thing or any event. This positivity being the key to success, satisfaction and more generally to happiness. Thus, tradition tells us that, one day, five wise men were sitting with their teacher who asked them about the essential quality for a man. Each of them told his opinion until their teacher told them that the quality referred to by one of them was the supreme value that was involving all the others.

What was this supreme value? A good eye or a benevolent eye! Then, the teacher asked them the contrary, meaning what was the worst flaw for a man and the conclusion was: a bad eye. The benevolent look has a capital importance for the individual personnally but also for the whole humanity. Learning to see in a good way is an everyday exercise that consists in seeing the positive side in every person and in every situation.

Optical Center offers you the techical means to improve the quality of your view and hopes to, by its welcoming and the interest it brings to each and everyone, give a ray of light to see and apprehend your environment better. Optical Center helps you see better because your happiness is up to your eyes.

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