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Our Optical waveguides sizes

Read your prescription: it's very simple.


You'll find below all the necessary indications to read correctly your prescription.


Prescription example: Please fill in your prescription's informations. Need help?

Your visual correction Your ophtalmologist, after having examined your sight, gives you a prescription in which is stipulated your vision disorder(see example below) OD stands for "right eye" OG stands for "left eye" 1- Eye power: If an eye power is signed negatively "-", this means you're myopic.

If it's signed with a "+", it means you are hypermetropic. Expressed in dioptry, it corresponds to the sphere.

2- Cylinder: It's the number written in brackets, it refers to a potential astigmatism.

3- Axis: It's expressed in degrees and indicates the orientation of the cylinder.

4- Addition: It's a complementary information for presbyopia.

Recap of abbreviations

OD: Right Eye

OG: Left Eye

ODG: Right and Left Eye

VL: Vision from far

VP: Vision from near add: Addition

SPH: Sphere

VI: Intermediate Vision

CYL: Cylinder PLAN: 0

Other example of prescription: OD + 1,25 (+1,50) 60 OG + 0,75 (-0,50) 100 add 2,50

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